Intelligent Illumination™ (Patent Pending)

Easily Identify & Diagnose Maintenance Needs!

 Schneider Packaging Equipment’s new Intelligent Illumination™ feature offers a more user-friendly and efficient means of communicating operational and maintenance machine status to your operators. Schneider’s intelligent LED lighting system allows operators to receive visual cues, such as:

  • Low Product Levels
  • Low Case Magazine
  • Product Jams
  • Tripped Safety Circuits

Machine sensors detect when any of the above conditions exist, immediately causing the LED’s at that specific location to illuminate in a particular color, alerting the operator to the machine condition. If the machine is running smoothly and requires no immediate attention, the LED lighting will be illuminated soothing blue. In the event operator intervention is required, the LED lighting will switch from blue to amber, red, or other colors depending on the action needed. Once the operator has opened the guard door where the problem exists, the lighting within the machine turns to white Task Lighting, which allows proper visibility for the operator.


Intelligent Illumination™

Schneider Packaging Brightens Productivity with Intelligent Illumination™ Technology