Schneider Packaging was founded in 1970 when Dick Schneider branched out from the packaging machinery firm he was working with to create new machines with his designs. Shortly after, his son Rick joined him and together committed to partners across North America that Schneider would build machines that are flexible and supported for life.

In June of 2018, the Schneider family transitioned ownership of the organization to the executive management team consisting of Bob Brotzki, Greg Masingill and Mike Smith. With the executive management team in place taking the reigns, the products and services Schneider provides will continue to meet and exceed the Schneider standard that our partners have become accustomed to over the past 47 years.

Schneider Packaging is still evolving to produce solutions that are more flexible, longer lasting, simpler to operate and designed to increase your ROI. Schneider designed solutions will continue to set the benchmark for quality and reliability in an industry where change is constant.

Creating innovation, not just machines.