Customer Service

Schneider’s highly qualified service professionals and field service technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide support for customer needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our field service technicians are highly skilled in all areas including electrical, mechanical, programming and robotics. Many of our technicians are FANUC-certified service engineers and are certified by PMMI to be professional trainers. They also maintain the highest level of technical skills through continuous vendor training, technical bulletins and in-house seminars.

Schneider is proud and honored to be the first and only packaging machine manufacturer to concurrently hold the titles of RIA Certified Robot Integrator, FANUC Robotics Certified Servicing Integrator and Authorized System Integrator, and Machine Builder Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™.

For immediate assistance or to set up a service visit to your location please contact us:

Telephone: (315) 676-3035


Service Solutions

Remote Diagnostics

Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) diagnostics and troubleshooting is an option available for all new and legacy Schneider Packaging Equipment machines.


PMMI Certified Trainer Program

Schneider’s expert training staff, certified by PMMI, can provide in-depth on-site or in-house training and installation to meet customer needs. Training is customized to provide the level of expertise required by our customers to reduce downtime, increase safety and improve their ROI. Training includes both classroom and “hands on” at the machine.

Schneider Training Center

Preventative Maintenance Program

Schneider’s Preventative Maintenance Program allows our customers to maximize the reliability and efficiency of equipment available at a lower rate than our standard service rates!

Preventive Maintenance Info Sheet for Robots and Palletizers

Preventive Maintenance Info Sheet for Case Packers

Use the ROI Calculator below to see how quickly an investment in a sound preventative maintenance program pays off!

ROI Calculator

Total repair time
Operators displaced
Average employee fully burdened Rate
dollars per hour
Current time before full efficiency after down
Average efficiency during ramp up after down
Revenue lost while production is down
dollars per hour
Average downtime instances monthly
per month



Estimated Days Until Repayment


Estimated Revenue Added Per Year


Estimated Revenue Added Per Month