Intelligent Illumination™

Downtime wastes time and money. While others have focused on HMIs and stack lights, Schneider decided to build an actual solution. Introducing Intelligent Illumination™, our patent-pending LED technology that efficiently alerts and guides end users to issues quickly. Your operators know what to do and where to go without even consulting the HMI. You save wasted time and money.




Intelligent Illumination™ is a smarter way to maintain your machines.

  • LED technology proactively cues operators where attention is needed
  • Task lighting illuminates the machine, allowing operators clear visibility to perform maintenance
  • Allows operators to perform basic upkeep without consulting the HMI


How It Works

  • The machine detects when attention is needed and immediately initiates the LEDs at that specific location to illuminate in a particular color.
  • The color not only alerts the operator to the machine condition, but directs them to the precise area that needs attention.
  • Once the operator has opened the guard door where the problem exists, the lighting within the machine turns to white task lighting, which allows proper visibility for the operator.
  • In production, the machine displays soothing blue LED lighting.


Identify and Service Issues Without Consulting the HMI

  • Low product level
  • Low case magazine
  • Jams
  • Tripped safety circuits

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