Gaps take profits away from your pallets. While others have relied on external computer solutions, Schneider decided to close the gap between efficiency and ease of use. Introducing OptiStak, the software we designed to create perfect pallets regardless of changeovers and right from the HMI. Your operators build the most efficient patterns in less time. You get less gap and more productivity.


OptiStak lets you build optimal patterns directly from the HMI.

  • Create optimal recipes with one click and without a laptop
  • Customize pack patterns easily using the 3-D interface
  • Keep your palletizer in production during changeovers


A New Generation of Pallet Generation Software

Schneider’s proprietary software allows users to:

  • Change patterns on the fly
  • Optimize pallet configuration quickly
  • Avoid changeover delays
  • Integration with FANUC’s PalletPRO allows for offline simulation
  • Easily add new products right at the machine

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