Many companies may find the number of adjustments to be so great that changing over the machines is not cost feasible. ProAdjust® allows your entire production line to be changed over from one product to the next in a matter of minutes instead of hours.



ProAdjust® is an automated machine adjustment system.

Nearly every modern manufacturer is looking for a way to cut out waste. Wasted time ... Wasted material ... Wasted inventory ... Wasted labor ... ProAdjust® helps you take a bite out all of these forms of waste.

  • ProAdjust® reduces lost production time wasted during machine adjustments.
  • ProAdjust® accurately adjusts the machines to eliminate wasted product during changeover.
  • ProAdjust® allows you to make a greater number of changeovers in a single day reducing raw material inventory and finished goods inventory.
  • ProAdjust® will reduce the complexity of your machine adjustment procedure allowing your maintenance and production staff to focus on proactive preventative maintenance or cleaning during the machine adjustment rather than attempting to follow a complex adjustment procedure.


How it works

ProAdjust® is a standalone automated adjustment system with an easy-to-use teach pendant. The system allows anyone in your organization the ability to make adjustments to your production line at any time. The system utilizes a series of electric and air driven power packs to reposition machine components. All of the power packs provide absolute feedback to eliminate the possibility of an adjustment being out of tolerance.

What if instead of adding a new production line, your company can utilize your existing pieces of equipment at 100 percent? We know you don't install a production line with the intention of running at less than 100 percent capacity.

The life expectancy of machines is in the neighborhood of 20 years or more. How many redesigns of your existing product will those same machines need to adapt to in 20 years? Unforeseen circumstances stress the capacity or make lines underutilized every day. ProAdjust® will allow your company to have the flexibility in its manufacturing lines to quickly adapt to changes in market demand by making your machines flexible and adaptable.

Changeovers have traditionally been a painful process which increased labor costs and had the added risk of damaging product if an adjustment point wasn't quite perfect. ProAdjust® provides automated adjustment solutions for whatever type of machine your plant is running. From baggers to fillers, primary and secondary packaging, laners and conveyors, when it's an automated solution, ProAdjust® is there!

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