The end of your packaging line is the last checkpoint before your customer receives your product. When your product reaches a Schneider machine, you trust our experience and dedication to excellence to take great care in handling your product, which is why we put our reputation on the line with yours.

Case Packing

For more than 46 years, case packing has been at the core of everything Schneider does. Let our expertise guide you to the most effective solution to your packaging challenges.

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Case Sealing/Erecting

Sentry machines can seal uniform or random box sizes quickly and efficiently with a variety of closure options available. If you’re looking for a reliable, flexible case sealer, there is a Sentry for you.

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Schneider incorporates FANUC robotics to create unique, flexible and simple palletizing solutions to meet your facility and production requirements.

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Complete End-of-Line Solutions

Whether you’re automating or upgrading a single line or an entire secondary packaging operation, Schneider can create a customized solution with one goal: to reduce your cost of operation.

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