Horizontal Packers

More than ever, today's manufacturers demand flexibility and adaptability from their equipment, and the end of the line is no exception. The Schneider Horizontal Case Packer is intelligently designed to be versatile, intuitive and efficient, capable of accommodating RSC, HSC, Trays and intuitive Wraparounds all in the same machine!

Because your product is unique, the solution to your case-packing challenges are going to be unique. The Schneider HCP is a base model that allows our engineers to customize sections of the machine to achieve optimal operational efficiencies and keep your total cost of ownership down.

High Speed Horizontal Case Packer

The Schneider High Speed Horizontal Case Packer is versatility and convenience welded together. This machine is fast and flexible and gives your company the freedom to innovate new packaging options without needing to worry about new case packing equipment.

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Medium Speed Horizontal Case Packer

The medium speed HCP has the same versatility as the high speed model, just a slower, more methodical platform. Designed for gentle case handling but still able to accommodate RSC, HSC, wraparound and tray case types.

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