High Speed Robotic Case Packer

Achieve the rates you need with the versatility that comes with a robotic case packing solution from Schneider. Account for product irregularities and easily solve orientation challenges thanks to vision guided robotics.

Why choose a Schneider High Speed  Robotic?

46 Years of Product Handling Experience Across Many Industries

  • Deep understanding of a multitude of product types
  • Field proven design
    • Adaptable to future needs

Robotic Product Handling

  • Handles orientation as well as packing
  • Vision guided accuracy & simplicity
  • Variable speed options to meet the demands of your line
  • Reliability of Fanuc robotics, the gold standard in the industry

Operations Focused HMI & Machine

  • Operator friendly interface makes using the machine simple
  • Open design for ease of access for operators & maintenance personnel

"ProAdjust Ready" for Ultra Fast Changeovers

Automated changeovers - fast, accurate, repeatable & reliable

More Information

  • Ideal for facilities looking for maximum flexibility but also a system adaptable to future needs.
  • Achieve any rate you need with a modular robotic solution that is scalable and efficient.
  • Able to handle odd product orientation - robots are able to accumulate, articulate and pack all in one station.
  • Robotic case packing gives you the most versatility while being 100% automated.
  • Fanuc robots average 80,000 hours average mean time between failure, they're among the most reliable in the industry.

Common Integration Options Include:

  • Checkweighing
  • X-ray/metal detection
  • Bar code readers
  • Vision Fulfillment Verification System
  • Case erectors/sealers
  • Shrinkwrap tunnels

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