Schneider incorporates FANUC robotics to create unique, flexible and simple palletizing solutions to meet your facility and production requirements. A wide range of factors come into play when looking at upgrading the end of your line to an automated, robotic palletizing system. Trust in Schneider’s experience and the reliability of FANUC Robotics to engineer the solution right for your project.

Modular Palletizing

The Robox is Schneider's most economical and portable palletizing solution. The design is able to adapt to a wide range of changing layouts, with a compact footprint and speeds up to 30 cases per minute.

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Integrated Palletizing Solutions

For complex palletizing environments where multiple infeeds converge into a cell, a more customized approach might be required to meet your rate and space goals. A comprehensive palletizing solution is able to be fully automated involving conveyors, dispensers, shuttle carts and stretch wrapping.

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Add palletizing to your new or existing Schneider case packer with Add-a-Pal. Utilizing a FANUC robot with a Schneider designed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), the Add-a-Pal can pick product, insert a slip sheet, and palletize. Pallet handling options include manual to fully automatic pallet exchange with pallet dispenser. Extend your capabilities with Add-a-Pal!

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Additional Integrated Equipment

To achieve your automation goals, additional equipment can be integrated into your existing line or added as options for your capital investment. Schneider can provide a wide range of in-house built systems and machines to complement your system, or we can work with your preferred vendor or recommend a vendor to provide certain equipment.

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