Pallet Dispenser

The Schneider Pallet Dispenser is built for demanding palletizing environments. The design is an integrated pallet lift system that stores up to 20 pallets and 1,500 pounds.

More Information

  • Dispenses fresh pallets or stacks empty pallets.
  • Dispenses to floor level or conveyor height.
  • Notifies operator when pallet level is low.
  • Heavy-duty electric/mechanical lift mechanism.
  • Multilingual HMI - Optional
  • Deep engagement hooks account for broken or unusual pallets
  • This unit could be purposed for a complete palletizing solution or it could be used stand-alone to complement an existing application.

Pallet Type: 4 Way GMA Wood (#2 or Class B or better), Plastic and CHEP are standard
Other sizes and types of pallets including double face/ non-reversible double wing/ standard reversible/ 4 way GMA/ flush/ stringer style/ full perimeter base style/ uni-directional base style/ 2 way/ block style can be accommodated. Consult with factory
Pallet Rate: Two pallets per minute
Pallet Size: 48” x 40” x 5-1/2” standard. Other sizes available
Operating Height: Direct to floor or can be built to your height need
Magazine Capacity: Up to 15 pallets (Optional 20 pallets) Up to 1,500 lbs
Construction: Standard: Painted RAL 7036 platinum gray, carbon steel
Controller: AB CompactLogix
Visual Display: Standard: Touchscreen HMI
Power Requirements: 480 volts
Pneumatic Requirements: 65 PSI clean dry air
Safety: Optional - Light Curtain

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